Wagering Requirements Explained: What is Wagering?

new no deposit casino blogWagering Requirements are what get in the way of players cashing out real money from casino bonuses. We’re going to investigate how these wagering requirements work and tell you everything a casino player needs to know about wagering, requirements, and how to beat them!

Wagering requirements are pretty common at most online casinos. Although we are seeing more and more casinos open up without them, there’s still plenty of casinos that still use them. We’re going to look at how you can beat them!

Wagering Requirements

The word that haunts a lot of casino players – wagering requirements. If you’ve ever joined a casino then you’ll have probably been in this same situation, where you’re fooled into thinking that your welcome bonus is exactly what it’s claiming to be at face value. ‘A 100% match bonus and 100 Free Spins? that’s sure to make me some money!’… and then pow! You’ve doubled your money and go to withdraw your winnings to get this message – you haven’t met the wagering requirement – WHAT! What is this evil and why can’t I have my money?

If you’re reading this for the first time and you haven’t already run into this scenario then you’re already one step ahead. We’re going to save you this pain and get you clued up on these requirements so you’re one step ahead.

What is Wagering?

First things first, let’s explain Wagering and what wagering is. Wagering is another term for a bet. Every time you stake money gambling or playing a slot, game or any other option supplied by an online casino that requires money to take a turn or spin, you are wagering. The amount you are wagering is the sum of the bet you’ve placed. If you spend £10 on a slot game, you’ve wagered £10 on a slot game.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

So you’re up to scratch with wagering but what is a wagering requirement? This a term often associated with casino bonuses or rewards, and what gets in the middle of you claiming a bonus and winning real money from it. Once you’ve claimed a bonus, be it spins for free with no deposit, matched money on deposit, or otherwise, 95% of the time it will come with a wagering requirement. This is the term attached to the bonus that needs to be fulfilled before withdrawing any money.

Wagering Requirments are set in multiples. This multiple represents how many times you need to wager your deposit, bonus, winnings, or all three. Before you get confused, this is an example of what this can look like.

(Deposit + Bonus) x30 Wagering Requirement – This requires a bit of math and brainpower to get to terms with but it’s easy enough. This term is stating that your deposited value, plus your bonus value will need to be wagered thirty times before you can withdraw. e.g. £10 Deposited + £10 Bonus = £20. £20 x 30 wagering Requirement = £600. You will have to wager £600 in total before you can withdraw.

Free Spins Wagering Explained

Free Spins wagering requirements work differently to deposit match bonuses and that’s because these are added for free as an additional reward. These will usually be based on a multiple of your total winnings from the free spins awarded.

Bonus Amount x30 Wagering Requirement – You’ve played 100 Free Spins and have won £10. This £10 has now been credited to your bonus balance and as the term states, it must be wagered x30. Therefore, we multiple whatever you won from your free spins bonus by thirty to calculate your wagering requirement. In this instance, it’s £300.

What are Rollover and Playthrough Requirements?

These are exactly the same as wagering requirements. Casinos like to mix up the terms used to throw off the scent that they are in fact wagering requirements. e.g. You have to roll over your bonus 30 times. or there is a 30 times playthrough requirement. The key here is to look at the multiple.

How To Complete Wagering Requirements?

So you might look at a wagering requirement, do the calculation and think, that’s hundreds of pounds, how am I going to complete that?

As slots payout an RTP of 95% +, as you spin with your winnings, you’ll of course also be winning (hopefully). So even though you might have won £10 from the bonus, by the time you’ve played through your £10 in increments of £1 spins, you might have won £12. (10 x £1 Spins = £10 Total Wager) + £12 Winnings. So you’ve now got £12 to play with and £10 of your wagering requirement out of the way. The aim is to keep repeating this process without running out until you’ve wagered the total requirement.

No Wagering Requirements + Wager-Free Casino Bonuses

No Wagering Requirements are exactly the opposite of wagering requirements – there aren’t any! These are the best bonuses for obvious reasons – because you can keep all of your winnings as cash, real money and withdraw them!

These used to be unheard of, purely because of how generous these offers are. Times have changed and players no longer want to be stuck in the wagering requirements box. We now list plenty of top quality UK Casinos with No Wagering Requirements that all offer casino customers free spins with their new player account that have no wagering – wahoo!

The most popular casino game that you can claim free spins with no wagering on is Book of Dead! We’ve got every casino there is offering these hard to find real money bonuses so be sure to check them out here – Book of Dead No Wagering Casino Bonus

No Wagering – What’s The Catch?

No wagering might sound awesome, and for a lot of casinos, they are. But there’s another term that’s been added to the conditions of certain brands that state the Maximum Win from a bonus. This is the bonus roof so to speak – the total winnable amount from a bonus. This is of course hugely important as we’ve seen brands trying to pull the wool over player’s eyes with a no wagering free spins bonus that’s capped at a total of £2.50 – unbelievably bad!

How to Beat Wagering Requirements?

Beating wagering requirements is all about knowing what you’re up against before claiming a bonus. This way you will know which bonuses to avoid and which seem fair and worth a go.

Casinos would go bankrupt if every player managed to beat their wagering requirements so be under no illusion that they’re a way of making money.

  1. The first tip is to choose a bonus that has no wagering requirements. These will offer you the best chance of winning real money, but be careful to check the maximum win limit.
  2. Chose a bonus with the lowest wagering requirement. It makes obvious sense to select a bonus that’s asking you to complete a smaller wagering amount.
  3. Use a Low Volatility Strategy. Make sure to play games with lower volatility so that your wins are small but often. This will help to keep your balance steady and give you a better chance of reaching the target amount. Starburst Free Spins are a great option for this strategy.

Best No Wagering Bonus

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