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The very best online casinos! Yes, you read that right. We’ve gathered up our personal best casinos and formulated a list of the top online casino sites of the year. These brands are the best casino sites that you can play at in 2020!

What makes the best casino? | Why choose the best casino | How we picked the best casinos | Best casino 2020 – What’s to come?

Top 10 Online Casinos UK 2020!

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What Makes The Best Casino?

The Best Casino online is a huge achievement and takes a whole lot of planning, professionalism, respect and cost to achieve. Every casino that we’ve listed in our top 10 has spent years tweaking and improving their sites to stay at the forefront of casino entertainment, with many of them leading the way with un-seen features, player rewards, experiences, loyalty programmes, designs, games and withdrawals. It’s these qualities that really make an average casino one of the Best!


Why Choose The Best Casino?

Choosing the best casino might sound like an obvious one but for players who don’t have the time or experience to do the research themselves, they often pick a poor standard or even a sub-standard site that’s fun for all of 5 minutes.

Picking the right casino for your playing style is important for a number of reasons, including all of the obvious ones such as, Derrr… because they’re the best? But there’s much more to it than that. Choosing the perfect site to invest your time and money in can be many more times rewarding than a dud site that’s making your eyes pop with a crazy welcome bonus (as the saying goes, if it looks too good then it probably is), with exception to Play OJO, our number 1 best casino who are offering 90 Real Money Spins on Book of Dead for a deposit as low as £10 as well as cash back on all of your losses for life, and a staggering 2000+ games to play.

Perks of playing with the best casinos include a much better gaming experience that’s been uniquely designed to deliver the best speed, usage and security. Regular player rewards for time well spent as a loyal customer and all of the biggest and best game as well as early access to new games on release (Leo Vegas, Mr Green and Casumo all have early access to new games)!


How We Choose The Best Casinos?

Having reviewed every UK casino online and listed them on our site, we’ve had a thorough look at every online casino there is, many times over. We’ve also had our eyes and ears on both sides of the industry, playing as customers as well as speaking with the casinos and finding out what’s going on behind the scenes. Taking all of our industry knowledge into account, we’ve been able to nit pick through the 100+ online casinos we feature to deliver the all important top 10.

We’ve considered everything, with our main considerations as follows: How easy it is to log in? What does the brand look and feel like? Have they made an effort to stand out? What game providers do they offer and how many games do they feature? Are they licensed and recognised by the leading fair gaming, safety and security bodies? What does their welcome bonus look like? Can they deliver the wants and needs of all player types? Have they got a reward scheme in place? Can I access player support at all times and via live chat? How many banking methods do they feature and how easy is it to withdraw winnings? Is there a max withdrawal limit and how much is it? What unique features do they offer?… and many more. It’s the answers to all these questions that have gone towards deciding on our Top 10 Best Casino Sites!


Best Casino 2020 – What’s to come?

We’re not claiming to have some sort of mystic ability to gaze into the future but one thing we know for sure, the Best Casino of 2020 is going to have to pull something new out of the bag to stay a head.

We’ve seen Play OJO rise and take the number one spot in a short period of time and that’s because of their unseen fair approach to real money rewards that include cashback and cash money! Some of our other top 10 casinos have built imaginative brands that make their experiences a cut above the rest with tournaments and exclusive access to the latest games. 2020? Well it’s going to have to be all of this and more. With advancing technologies and more game developers appearing all of the time, there’s soon going to be an even bigger diversity of casinos and an even more competitve attitude to capturing our casino imaginations. Could 2020 be the best year yet?